Daniels Calf Barns



Our double-wide, totally enclosed calving barns, measure 32 ft wide up to 56 ft long. This 32 ft by 40 ft comes in two pieces, mounted on large round pipe skids, complete with gates and panels - Pearson Automatic Head Gate, Nurse Panels and Pulling Alley. We can drive your ranch, have the building set, ready to use and be gone in less than 3 hours.


(Custom Designs Available).


  • Either of these barns can be built with a 7 or 8 foot back wall and 12 ft x 12 ft pens for horses.
  • Sheeting is 29 gauge Strong Panel and comes in 10 different colors.
  • On skids and easy to move.
  • Undercoated around the base on the inside to protect from manure.
  • Hundreds sold - very popular item.


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