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Accurate & Dependable Livestock Scale Systems
Your best management tools for single or group livestock weighing are accuracy and dependability. Since 1985,
LBS Scales has been providing just that with our top-of-the-line livestock scale systems. We manufacture and distribute LBS Scales to livestock owners, ranches, farmers, and anyone else in need of our products and services.

Livestock Scale System Warranty & Guarantee
Our scales are certified and legal for trade in all states. They come with a 3-year warranty, 1-year money back guarantee, and a no risk to you policy. Our experts service anything we sell and can provide most services right over the phone for your convenience.

Single Animal Weigh Cage
This 8 foot 6 inch weigh cage is heavily constructed and comes fitted with all the electronics necessary for livestock weighing.  This self contained unit also features adjustable sides to stop smaller livestock from turning within the cage, steel kick panels on the lower half, 1/4" plastic sheeting on the upper half to enable ear tags to be read via antennas and easy open bi-sliding doors at either end.  The unique design of the easy slide doors allows the handler to open the head or rear gate when standing on either side of the cage; and with one hand. 
  • Easy open 18" doors, bi-sliding  doors at either end.
  • 3/8" plastic sheeting on the upper half allows quieter operation and enables ear tags to be read
  • Adjustable sides with sloped bottoms prevents smaller livestock from turning within the cage.
  • Rebar is welded every 10" to a steel floor for easy footing
4 - 5K lb. stainless steel load cells on top of deck; cables protected in flex conduit Floor overlaps frame allowing manure to run off the sides, prevents buildup underneath. 4 inch step up for livestock Options Available

Deck with no cage
EID tag reader
Sonogram side opening
Computer interface
Self head catch

LBS Calf Scale
This scale is built rugged to work wherever you go.  Scale mounts to your pickup, ATV or any vehicle with a  receiver hitch.  The calf scale is great for today's progressive cattlemen where birth weights are recorded for registration or record keeping systems.
Also works well to transport calves.  Other benefits include having the calf at a good working height. 
LBS Indicators are very flexible, precision instruments which include a specially written program for livestock weight applications.  All functions, including calibrations capacity, gross/net, tare and graduation size are selected from the front panel.  These durable indicators provide problem-free, no nonsense weighting in less than ideal environments.
Operating Power . . . .
110V, 12 V DC or Rechargeable Batteries (500 hrs w/auto shutdown)

Easy to read LCD Display . . . .
1" to 5 1/2" digits

Continuous weight averaging . . . . 1 to 6 seconds (adjustable)

Interface Port . . . .
RS232, easily connects to computers / printers, etc.
Our Livestock Scale System


Central City Scale, Inc.

No scale manufacturer in the world has more direct experience with the needs of agricultural producers than Central City Scale.  Put that experience and expertise to work for you.


The Central City Scale livestock scale is available in four standard sizes:

8' X 10' (holds 8-10 head based on 1,000 lb. cattle)

8' X 16' (holds 12-15 head based on 1,000 lb. cattle)

8' X 20' (holds 18-22 head based on 1,000 lb. cattle)

3' X 8' (for individual animals)
Decks for the 8' X 10' and 8' X 16' are constructed of a 4" H-beam running the length of the scale and across the center.  We use 4" X 4" X 1/2" angle on ends.  A 4" channel is stood on end, running across for support.  Also used is a 1-1/2" X 1/8" strap to support the decking.  Base is 5", 9#/ft. channel turned upside down and runs the full length of the scale.  Weigh bars rest on this channel (as shown).  The deck is of 2" X 12"s, 8' wide.  The deck is 8-1/2" off the ground.  Chain links are attached on ends for easy loading.  Deck dimensions can be altered on customer request.

Rack is built by a gate manufacturer.  The side panels are 5'4" high.  End gate bows are 6'8" tall.  A solid panel runs from the floor up 20" high.  Racks are constructed of 14 gauge round tubing frame.  The 8" opening is standard.  Rack dimensions can be altered on request

Chute scales from Central City Scale are designed to solve the kinds of everyday problems encountered in handling livestock.  Our counter-sinking weigh bars are bracket-mounted to trim height from the platform, easing animal loading into the chute. 

The weigh bars are installed parallel to the chute to reduce weigh bar shock when the animal hits the headgate.  Central City Scale chute scales operate under the most extreme weather conditions, from -20 degrees to 140 degrees F -- compare that with the temperature range of most other scales!

Leave it to the farm scale specialists to handle all your small animal weighing needs.

Central City Scale offers a full line of hog scales for weighing individual animals or groups of animals. 
Picture The Alley Weigh Scale is a very low-profile lightweight deck that weighs individual small animals.  The deck, with attached load bars, measures under three inches tall and weighs less than 60 lbs.  The aluminum version weighs only 35 lbs.  Decks come standard with steel flooring.  We also custom build small animal scales to meet your individual needs.  Call for a specific quote, or use our Online Estimate Form.

Standard Scale Sizes:

20" X 50" Alley Weigh Scale
4' X 6'
3' X 8'
6' X 10'
There are two choices of indicators available with the Alley Weigh Scale, including the Model 615 indicator which can lock-in the animal's weight.  The Model 615 indicator features back light for night weighing and can be linked to your computer printer.  Indicators from a grinder-mixer can also be used with a set of weigh bars for your small animal scale.

All small animal scales and their components are manufactured in the USA.

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